All Change

Having gone through a big period of change in 2017, some good, some sad, I conclude that small changes add up to big ones and that every positive step you take can help you re-balance, re-think and empower your best self.  After all, growth is the energy of life and it's hard not to find change completely contagious.  Off to re-decorate the hall and stairs.   Here’s to 2018 and to being our best selves - though maybe not involving a ladder !

First Base

We’ve had a good run with commissioner meetings of late. To me a good run means they are still talking to us and still happy to hear what we are up to. We have benefitted from a few friends in high places but like all dynamic industries people come and go in the blink of an eye.  C4 Nations and Regions always been hugely supportive, despite them having to deal with their own shifting sands.

Intelligent Instinct

It’s great when a client becomes a partner. 100% Cotton have been great champions for us, in itself something to cheer about but even better when your champions turn out to be good eggs. Like all the best agencies, they understand the need to keep evolving and developing. They have been doing some industrial sized thinking around their new products and we have been lucky enough to listen to some of the new cog whirring.

Sweating Our Assets

I think the Americans call it ‘sweating your assets’, or maybe I’m just disassociating because its such a malodorous metaphor.  Anyhow we’re trying to get better at doing it. Just done a deal with Discovery US to take one of our BBC series for their online platform. I doubt we’ll make millions from it, so I guess its more a case of gentle perspiration.  

Foodie Heaven

Good partnerships, built on and nurtured by food. What’s not to like? Thame Food Festival; starry casts, gourmet and artisan food and producers and all in the name of a CIC. We were lucky enough to film the event last year and this year we’re back for a second bite. Lotte Duncan and her team have really put TFF’s name up there as a UK destination food festival. 

Young Carers Project

Occasionally we get the opportunity to partner with people who  'do good work'. The Young Carers Project, organised by Spurgeons, paid for by the postcode lottery and delivered by The Egg Theatre team,  was 'good work'. We hope the film helped to tell the often hidden stories of some of these young people. Met some talented people along the way and fingers crossed there will be more supported projects for the future. Special thanks to Alex Homewood for asking us to work on this, and hope to work together again at The Edge. 

Channel 4 Taster

We have delivered our C4 funded taster. Discussions are ongoing and we are learning a lot…not least how supportive some broadcasters can be to small companies.  We have high hopes for the development of China based projects. 

Our Shanghai friends Lost Pensivos are such professionals and we really want to work with them again.

Knowing Me, Knowing You...

How to convince people you know stuff? Sometimes, maybe they don’t need to know you know stuff because they know stuff too, so we are all busy knowing stuff. Genius! Anyway we are busy at the moment which is good but makes you realise that knowing stuff counts for little when what you actually need is time and someone with a big stick making you organise your life.  So in the words Agnetha and Anni-Frid ... "Ah ha"..

The Power of Good Video

Jacqui attended a great 'networking event' this week where there was much evangelising about the importance of good quality web video for driving business. We're still hoping that the penny starts dropping for those still to be convinced. We're working on the treatment for a little film at the mo that needs to do a range of jobs, one of which is to get enough traction to go viral (ish). Lots to think about, I think this one's a good example, despite the obvious commercial tension.  Guardian Link 

Next job – find a new word for networking that doesn't make me twitch and doesn't refer to Federer's silky moves.

Stay Pointy

At Walk Tall we are always on the look out for new clients but just as importantly - new partners.  Making a mental tally of the number of lovely talented people we meet and it occurs to me how many great women there are out there with so much industry experience and so much to offer in between juggling the 'other stuff'.  So, today, here's a toast to the creative ladies out there.  "Stay pointy!" as my daughter says.  It's something to do with swimming (?) but I like the sound of it.

Teacher Training

Today was the last of a batch of filming at this outstanding school.  We were there to complete the final section of a DVD we are making for Teacher Training on Independent Learning.  We've learnt a lot and hopefully it will come across on the DVD and be useful to those who need to gen up on it.  Thanks to Mr White and the year 11 drama group and we hope your exams go as well as the filming!

Roman Baths Twilight Tour

A time to really reflect on the beauty and history of the city we live in tonight as we filmed night one of two nights at the Baths and at the Roman Baths Kitchen for the Twilight Tour Package Promo.   As the flambos lit and the Abbey became a silhouette, the bells began to ring on cue.  It was very atmospheric... I hope we've captured that feeling on film.

The "I wants"

Six x 120 minute interviews later and we are working hard to find at what age the "I wants" kick in and how parents handle it.  What makes them give in and what makes them stay strong?  When is it Ok to give in?  Fascinating stuff, brilliantly handled by our friends at 100% Cotton and we're there to record and disseminate it.   Top of the pops are One Direction, Bandz, BornAgain Babies and Monster High Dolls.  Of course everyone knew the words to "Let It Go" from the film Frozen.  Thank Goodness I have boys!